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Get a Griffin Spark Arrestor That Eliminates Risk

Reduce Maintenance & Cost

A properly designed Spark Arrestor means you’ll spend less time fixing problems related to improper design, like premature component wear. Eliminate Fire and Explosion Risk while lowering insurance costs.

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Griffin Spark Arrestor Features

  • Size range: 2” – 4” for mini-tubing || 6” – 120” for regular ductwork
  • Flow range: 100cfm – 500cfm for mini tubes || 490cfm – 192000cfm regular
  • Stainless steel construction, corrosion & abrasion resistant treatments
  • Achievable temperature: up to 2000° F
  • Automated pulse internal cell cleaning (compressed air required)
  • NFPA 69 compliant
quencher spark arrestor

Our Customers

Over the last 50 years, we've helped thousands of companies meet the toughest dust collection requirements. We've collected dusts in nearly every industry imaginable, so we have no doubt we can help you too.

Griffin Filters has been a leading manufacturer of Air Filtration systems for over 50 years installed over 25,000 dust collectors worldwide. We started out as making dust collection systems with shaker-style collectors for the concrete, aggregate and construction industries.

With the development of pulse jet collectors, Griffin's markets quickly expanded to include industrial process applications. Today Griffin Filters provides a wide variety of equipment to reduce dust, submicron particulates, mold spores, bacteria, smoke and toxins from air and also provide other related materials handling and transferring equipment. We Solve Unique Dust Collection Challenges.

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