DuraClean Filter Bags

DuraClean Outperforms Dura-LIFE up to 40%

Griffin Filters created DuraClean filter bags made of polyester felt for uniformity, durability, high efficiency and long life.

We use the VDI protocol for testing. Adapted by the U.S. EPA for the ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) Program.

Testing shows Griffin Filters media to be superior in every category to the hydroentangled (spunlaced) media offered today.

Griffin Filters core competence is the ability to develop and produce unique filter media for dust collection. Using proprietary manufacturing technology and processes, with the latest in fiber designs,.

  • Main Characteristics

    • DuraClean’s unique needling capabilities and strong scrim support provide durability.
    • Efficiency is a function of fiber surface area. Microfibers increase the fiber surface area by up to 20%, without increasing pressure drop or decreasing flow.
    • Microfibers add to the bag life by promoting surface loading of the dust, minimal penetration of the depth and reduced blinding.

  • Industry End Uses Include:

    • Food Processing
    • Wood Composite Manufacturing
    • Pneumatic Conveying Bin Vents

  • Filter Bag Collectors

    DuraClean Filter Bag Replacement Collectors Include:

    • Fibrous Dusts in Low Pressure Cleaning Collectors
    • Donaldson's Torit, and DCE
    • Carter Day
    • Replacement for Woven or Knit Fabrics in Shaker Collectors.
  • Availability

    Griffin Filters style T 387 SB DuraClean is available 85” wide. Also available is style T 387 BKL DuraClean with DuraClean oil and water repellent for improved cake release with wet, sticky, oily or fatty dusts. Style TW 407 SB DuraClean is designed for applications where static buildup is a problem. All felts are in stock and ready to ship.

Longer Cycle = Longer Bag Life

Longer Cycle, Less Blinding: DuraClean allows less penetration of the media and promotes more surface loading, resulting in longer media life.

DuraClean. cycle time at end diagram

Higher Pressure Drop = Shorter Bag Life


DuraClean microfiber technology and needle felt expertise creates a felt which stays “open” longer without sacrificing efficiency.

DuraClean pressure drop end of test

Lower Emissions = Better EPA Compliance

EPA limits are easily met with DuraClean

DURACLEAN Emissions at end of test diagram 2